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Organic Musang King Durian Cake (Seasonal)

RM 268.00

Using organic Musang King straight from Bentong farm, our Durian cake are creamy and packed with fresh durian flesh. No artificial flavouring, no colouring, just pure durian flesh used. Each durian cake is packed with 300g of durian flesh, that's from 3kg of musang king durian. 

One size only - 6" cake, good for 6-8 people. 

Vanilla chiffon | organic musang king durian flesh | Chantilly cream | gold sprinkle |

Please note:

• Orders must be confirmed with payment minimum 3 days in advance unless otherwise stated above. Orders will only be fulfilled upon payment. 

• Fresh seasonal ingredients are used, we reserve the right to replace any ingredients that are not in season or unavailable. 

• Our cakes are best to be eaten fresh on pick up day. It can be kept in the chiller for maximum 3 days unless stated otherwise above.